"In anguish and despair, we release this child into the hands of God, with hope and with faith that she may be saved."

The True-Life Events behind

The Girl They Left Behind:

It is estimated that between October of 1940 and the end of World War II, as many as 380,000 Jews died in Romanian controlled territories. One of the most well-known incidents, the Bucharest Pogrom, took place in January of 1941 when the anti-Semitic extremist faction known as the Iron Guard pillaged Bucharest’s Jewish sectors in an effort to gain political power.

 It was during a brutal, three days of violence, that a little girl was found on a doorstep unable to speak. As she remained unidentified in the days which followed, she was brought to an orphanage, where inside the pocket of her dress, a simple note was discovered…

  "In anguish and despair we release this child into the hands of God, with hope and faith that she may be saved..."

That little girl, was my mother.

Tragically, a thread to her biological parents and their fate was never found--and their unknown story haunted me most of my life, planting the seed for this novel. For my mother, however, there would be a new beginning when months after being brought to the orphanage, she was adopted by a loving couple desperate for a child of their own. In the bosom of her new family, before Romania entered the war, life seemed idyllic. Yet it wasn't long before her existence was once more thrown into chaos and her destiny hinged on impossible choices, blurring the lines between past and present, between sacrifice and perseverance in a world spun out of control.

Beyond the history of a country caught brutally between Hitler and Stalin, this is a tale of two families separated as much as united by the love of a child—each bravely withstanding their fate, each willing to sacrifice everything, even themselves…so that she may live.

My mother, around the time of her adoption


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